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    Hebrews 4:12  

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FEAR ( Awe, Scared, Timid)
What does it mean to fear God!
BIBLE  READING: Deuteronomy 10:12-22

Fear of God is motivated by his awesome power and justice.

            To fear the Lord is to recognize God for who he is: holy , almighty, 
             righteous, pure, all- knowing, all-powerful, and all-wise. When we
              regard God correctly, we gain a clearer picture of ourselves: sinful,
             weak, frail, and needy. When we recognize who God is and who we
                are, we will fall at his feet in humble respect. Only then will he show
us how to choose his way.

Fearing God leads to knowing him more full.
                     The promise of God's protection can keep us from fear.
 Key Bible Verse:
    Genesis 15:1-21
Joshua 1:1-18
          Proverbs 29:18-27
 It is far better to fear God than to fear man. (Hewlett-Packard Home Store)